• The fact that a woman is pregnant or the fact that she notes her pregnancy is introduced by a scene where you hear the woman vomit.
  • The unexpected pregnancy as plot device.
  • Whenever a woman announces to her husband/boyfriend that she’s pregnant, it comes as a complete surprise to him, whether pleasantly or otherwise.
  • No one is ever in labor for hours and hours… they pop out babies in a matter of minutes.
  • No one is ever offered an epidural or medication, everyone uses Lamaze (pant method), but they often scream at & demean those around them.
  • Most babies are born clean, with perfectly shaped heads and dry hair
  • All movie babies are born HUGE, usually the size of the average two month old.
  • Women who give birth are perfectly made up afterwards
  • All women want to have the baby naturally but once labor starts they DEMAND that their doctor gives them drugs.
  • If a woman isn’t thrilled by the idea of becoming a mommy, she and one of her girlfriends will go to the drug store and buy around ten different pregnancy tests (and these things ain’t cheap!). This will be followed by a scene of the two of them sitting on a bed surrounded by all the open boxes and used test sticks.

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